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CEO of CHATIME Malaysia, Bryan Loo
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 @ 5:13 AM

Background of Bryan Loo

Bryan Loo grew up in Perlis. His parents owned an air-conditioning business that operated out of a shop lot that they lived in.

      Then, he graduated as a biochemistry student at Monash University, Melborune, Australia. After his graduation, he worked at a biotech company for two years as a salesman. He did not choose his career path as a biochemist. All of his passion and interest is to become an entrepreneur in Malaysia.

    When Bryan quit his job, he returned to Malaysia and told his father that he wanted to start his own business. His father took Bryan overseas to five to six different trade shows to see the businesses that they could start. In the end, Bryan decided that he wanted to involve in Food & Beverage business through his father's encouragement and guidance. 

       He saw opportunity in beverages because Malaysia business direction was mainly focused on coffee but the market for tea was still underdeveloped. Consequently, he and his father went to Taiwan to observe the tea businesses. He started to approach milk tea brands in Taiwan. Sadly, all of them turned down their business proposals for franchising in Malaysia.

       After he returned to Malaysia disappointedly, he noticed Chatime photo that his cousin suggested to him. That is where his turning point in life began. Inspired by the suggestion, he successfully obtained the approval from the director of Chatime and started his first Chatime business outlet in  Pavilion, Malaysia. This has marked a big hit of his business which marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Today, Chatime, the Malaysian lifestyle tea company has 145 outlets in Malaysia and is set to grow even more aggressively in the coming years.

The Skills and Competencies

Firstly, he has a passion for conquering all things. Passion and interest keep him going throughout this journey of starting Chatime. He has a quote: "When I first started out, never saw it as a challenge, because the passion of doing business, of being my own boss, blinded me to all the challenges in front of me."

   Drea m big. He knows what his dreams are about. Dreams with visions guided and direct him to where he wants to be at. It charged up his motivations, be courageous and give it a chase.

    Bryan Loo treats competitors as partners. Competition is everywhere. Hence, joining forces together will be a bonus to grow the tea culture in Malaysia which can be good for his own business as well. Without healthy competitions, it is very difficult and almost impossible to run excellent bubble tea business. The competition encouraged Bryan to do better in his business. He sees competitors as his motivators. He also tried to extend their competency by introducing Chatime Card and collaborating with Horlicks.

     Bryan Loo also has the mindset of "do not just sell your products, sell your visions." He successfully made his contact with the director of Chatime because of a global mindset. This mindset is very crucial to be part of something bigger. He sold his vision to the director of Chatime and make sure he will go all out to sell the brand to success.

     Bryan did not start a business without knowing his true purpose. One thing to learn from Bryan is to start a business knowing your true purpose. Entrepreneurship is not about making money, it is also about satisfaction and purpose. His purpose is to spread the tea culture and lifestyle among the people in Malaysia. Entrepreneurship is a true calling, not just a decision. The true purpose behind an action of being an entrepreneur is important before you decide to start a business.

Achievements of Bryan Loo

The best achievement of Bryan Loo is to overcome all challenges as he built up Chatime from an unknown brand into a premier lifestyle tea chain with 145 stores throughout Malaysia today. 

     He managed good company strategy and vibrant workforce to help him to build up his company. He managed to overcome all challenges in his company, and work hard to inforce tea culture in Malaysian lifestyle. And, he did it. Within 4 years, 145 stores throughout Malaysia has built up and it becomes Malaysia current taste and trend.

    Not to mention about his recognition in 2011. Bryan Loo was nominated for the MRCA 8TV Entrepreneur Award, organized by the Malaysian Retailer Chains Association (MRCA) and 8TV. Of course, he was the winner of the Best Master Franchiser award in 2012. 

     In 2013, Bryan Loo won the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Now and then, he has been featured in many news stories, interviews and magazines such as FHM or LDR Show etc. Also, he was featured as the cover story for August 2012 edition of Malaysian Tatler.